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Raefton is changing the way the logistics industry works for the better. Our easy-to-use, easy-to-adopt logistics information management platform streamlines and automates all the outdated, paper-based processes that kill efficiency and bog down the flow of goods for logistics players, while providing manufacturers, freight forwarders, and commercial carriers with new data insights to make better business decisions and win more business.


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Get goods to market faster.

Monitor Partner Trade Lane Performance and Throughput. Evaluate partner quotes based on more than just cost and reduce your capital outlay.

Say Goodbye to Dated Communication Methods. Locate shipments within the trade lanes in real time to better manage customer expectations.

Easily Meet Audit Requirements. Easily generate information to comply with multiple quote audit requirements.

Monitor Shipments. Directly connect to freight forwarding partners so communication becomes efficient and fast. callout image

Freight Forwarders

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Freight Forwarders

Work smarter, compete better.

Manage Your Trade Lane Performance. See how the service you provide stacks up against overall trade lane performance.

View All Work in Progress at a Glance. Centralize all freight forwarding tasks and daily activities to deliver a complete overview of all work in progress.

Compete Better, Win More. Double business efficiency by eliminating the manual, paper-based processes that slow your business down. callout image

Respond Faster. Easily measure and track response time to partners and continuously improve business operations.

Commercial Carriers

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commercial carriers

All the information trading partners need - in one place.

Track and Measure Efficiency. Track and measure key metrics such as RFQ win rate and response times to gain new insight into business performance. callout image

Streamline and Automate Partner Communications. Real time status updates keep partners up to date on the status of cargo on the move.

Win More Business With a Faster and More Efficient RFQ Process. Our system automates the RFQ process to immediately connect Commercial Carriers to freight forwarder demand.

Manage Trade Lane Performance. Compare and measure against overall trade lane performance.

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